AN angry driver ran over a man's foot and nearly hit another pedestrian following a problem between two children.

Lee McGlaulin, of Carver Street, Old Trafford, and Robert Wood exchanged messages on October 4, 2018 after an issue arose between their partners' children.

Mr Wood said he tried to make attempts to meet the defendant to discuss the matter but he refused.

Prosecuting, Andrew McIntosh, said Mr Wood went out with his partner to walk their dog at a park that evening and when he went out he tried to call McGlaulin, now 29.

Manchester Minshull Street Court heard that at around that time Mr Wood's neighbour witnessed a black people carrier drive into her road at speed and stopped outside her house.

The driver was on his phone and appeared to be shouting and the vehicle turned around and drove off at speed.

Mr Wood said he was walking on Alderley Road when he could heard the sound of tyres screeching.

"He saw a black Hyundai people carrier come round the corner at speed," Mr McIntosh said.

"It mounted the curb, and according to Mr Wood, it drove towards him or at him.

"He tried to get out of the way but the front passenger wheel drove over his right foot."

Mr Wood said the vehicle then drove on and struck the rear end of a van which was parked on a driveway just behind where he was driving.

The vehicle then drove off, swerving past the victim, and fleeing the scene at speed.

Mr Wood said he recognised the driver as the defendant.

He managed to walk home and phoned an ambulance to take him to hospital and it was discovered that he suffered metatarsal injuries in his right foot.

It was also reported that McGlaulin narrowly missed hitting another pedestrian that evening too.

Police enquiries found McGlaulin did not have a driving licence and was not insured to drive the Hyundai, which belonged to his partner.

The defendant was arrested on October 13.

In an interview he provided a statement that he had exchanged messages with Mr Wood and told him that he wanted to meet him.

McGlaulin said he got in the car to meet him to go to speak to him and he said as he turned on to Alderley Road Mr Wood ran towards the car in the road.

The defendant said Mr Wood was screaming red in the face waving his arms and he heard Mr Woods screaming "come on" and drove away to avoid any violence.

But McGlaulin was subsequently charged.

He originally pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving.

However, just before a trial began, he admitted to the charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving

Defending, Chudi Grant said McGlaulin has no previous convictions or cautions, and although he drove aggressively and dangerously, he never intended to hit Mr Wood.

McGlaulin also also pleaded guilty to having no insurance and no driving licence.

Mr Grant said the defendant is "regretful" of causing injury to him.

Addressing McGlaulin, Judge Tina Londale said: "You have pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

"And that was as a result of you completely losing your temper and overreacting in the most extreme form to a report from a child in your household about a problem that she was having with a child in Mr Wood's household.

"You behaved appallingly. It's clear that you totally lost your temper and lost control of yourself by getting into your partner's vehicle when you knew that you did not have a driving licence, you knew that you had no insurance.

"And you drove around to Mr Wood's home, narrowly missing another pedestrian who was there and you drove towards Mr Wood who was there clearly to be seen.

"You drove towards him and drove over his foot.

"You did not come to your senses after you struck him but you continued and drove and struck a vehicle and then drove off at speed, leaving Mr Wood behind in the street with serious injuries indeed – fractures to his foot which have had an impact on him.

"You were arrested and at first you had denied that you had driven dangerously and failed to take any responsibility at all for what you had done.

"But you did come to your senses and shortly before the trial you did plead guilty to this charge."

The judge considered the effect an immediate custodial sentence would have on his vulnerable partner, his "low risk" of him reoffending.

McGlaulin was given a sentence of 16 months suspended for 18 months and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and 20 days of rehabilitation

He was also disqualified from driving for two years and told to pay a surcharge fee.