SOME people dream to have their own pub coming directly to you....well that may become a reality thanks to Stretford family-run business.

Bounce n Paint started in 2012 with just one bouncy castle and also offered face painting and as the years have gone they have developed a range of products not just inflatables but photo booths, dance floors, games, fun foods and much more.

But their latest offering will make you the talk of the town with packages from £195 for an outdoor pub.

Paul Riley, company director, said: "We try and keep ahead of the trends this is where the inflatable pub caught our eye.

"We contacted one of the manufacturers we work with and they were in the middle of designing this one. We were one of the first companies to receive this pub and it is proving very popular because of its look and size at just over 15 foot square making perfect for most gardens.

"We have lots of packages available so it is more personal for each of our customers some of the options are: a rustic bar which is un-stocked, a very comfy inflatable couch, speakers, lights, tables and stools they could even hire our 8 foot inflatable dart board for outside.

"We believe that with this pub we are helping bring families and friends back together within their social/family bubbles. If you were to visit a pub you may come in contact with people that are not within your ‘bubble’ which could make you feel a bit uncomfortable, where when we bring our pub to you, you can relax a little more and not have to worry about getting that taxi home."

All our deliveries are contact free, and all of our equipment is fully cleaned down and disinfected after each use following guidelines set out by the council.

For more information about the pub then visit: or call: 07808 277 345.