DARREN Adams, the Manager of Waterside Arts Centre is planning a phased re-opening, starting with the gallery spaces.

His decision follows the Government’s announcement that theatres may open but not for live performances.

He said: “I hope that we will still be able to present a winter production.”

He’s happy that as part of Trafford Borough Council, the centre has been able to temporarily transfer their staff to other tasks.

He added: “My role is to lead the team strategically and to oversee the artistic output of the venue.

“So far as our audiences are concerned, we have tried to reschedule events to later this year or into 2021. Customers can choose whether to exchange or have tickets refunded. They have been very patient.”

Speaking about lockdown, Darren said: “There is a sense of loss around all the work the team has done to create our programme.

“We’re trying to support artists because, without them, we would have an empty venue.

“I guess I was drawn to the theatre from an early age.

“In the 90s I began working at the Palace Theatre and Opera House.

“It was then I decided on a career in theatre management rather than theatre design.”

He said: “I always feel blessed to do what I do.”

“I thrive on creating new work and experiences for our audiences.”

The highlight, for him, was the now well-established Refract festival.

“It created such a vibe around the building with work taking place in every space both indoors and outdoors.”

Darren once worked for the charity, Pride, so he was delighted when a former Mayor of Trafford, suggested a Pride in Trafford event.

Only five days after announcing the event, for the second year running, lockdown was declared. However, their substitute event, Pride Inside, was watched by 17,000 people.