COUNCIL bosses are set to decide the renewal of a licence for a sex establishment in Trafford.

The Public Protection Committee will meet tonight (Thursday) to discuss the licence for Totties on The Causeway in Altrincham after an objection from a member of the public.

On February 28, the Licensing Authority received an application from Parisian Bistro Limited for the renewal of the Sex Establishment Licence held for premises known as Totties.

Bosses at Totties had been issued with a Sex Establishment Licence in October 2011, in accordance with section 27 of the Policing and Crime Act 2009 which required lap dancing venues to hold such a licence.

But since 2002, no complaints had been received by the council about the venue.

The Licensing department consulted ward councillors, the Police, the Fire Authority, Planning Authority, Environmental Pollution, Children and Young Peoples Services and the council has received an objection to the renewal of the licence from a member of the public.

An email has been sent anonymously to the council’s licensing department registering fears about the site.

It said: “I can’t say I am happy with the establishment in the centre of Altrincham mainly as it is on the way to schools.

“I realise that the owners will say that they do not admit children but these childnre are nothing if not enterprising.

"I would be glad to see this application refused."

In the documents, it says that the council have controls to ‘give local communities a greater say in deciding whether, for example, a lap dancing premises is appropriate for a particular locality.”

Council officials must decide whether to renew the licence or alternatively to refuse the application for the new licence.

The venue currently has a Premises Licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003 which permits the sale of alcohol and entertainment between midnight and 3am – Monday to Sunday.

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