ROTARIANS in Sale have teamed up with their counterparts in Hong Kong to donate 5,000 pieces of personal protective equipment to an appeal.

The Rotary Club of Sale and the Rotary Club of Kwai Chung teamed up at the behest of local Rotarian Nicholas Leung. Now the Manchester and Trafford Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Mutual Aid Hub has been given a huge consignment.

Mr Leung began working with his Hong Kong colleagues on the project around a month ago.This week saw a massive donation of masks being delivered to the hub with transportation costs being paid for by Hong Kong Rotarians.

He said: "When I spoke with my friends in Kwai Chung about the PPE situation and they volunteered their services, I grabbed the opportunity. I would really like to thank them for their support and kindness.”

The hub distributes PPE to non-hospital sector such as care homes, nursing homes, primary care providers, when normal supply routes have been exhausted. And the centre recently reached a huge milestone recently when it revealed it has donated more than two million pieces of PPE in Trafford and Manchester.

Laura Hobbs, the hub's Trafford lead, added: "Trafford Programme Lead for The Mutual Aid Hub said: "We’re extremely grateful to the Rotary Clubs of Sale and Kwai Chung for their generous donation."

David Williams, Sale Rotary's vice-president, said: "This is just one way we can help by using our international connections."