A YOUNG man with ADHD, anxiety and depression says his symptoms have never been more manageable than in lockdown – thanks to lessons taken from sporting superstars.

Muhammad ‘Abz’ Abby, 25 and from Stretford, studies life skills and journalism at UA92, the Old Trafford-based university founded by Man United 'Class of '92' players like Gary Neville.

He is currently shielding due to chronic asthma but says his new healthy eating, positivity and exercise routines have worked wonders.

Abz' is adamant that the new techniques, which he has picked up directly from the 'Class of ’92', have help him to cope with the ongoing pressures of lockdown.

He said: “This should really be one of the hardest times of my life.

"But my depression, anxiety and ADHD have never been better.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the character development sessions when I first started at UA92. 

"But studying things like positive self-talk, staying motivated and having faith and confidence in yourself that are based on what the Class of 92 learned at Manchester United, and it has really transformed my outlook on life.”

He has returned to one of his former passions, vlogging, and has also been writing poetry based around his experiences with the Black Lives Matter movement.

And Gary Neville said: "Having a positive inner voice is incredibly important, as is being an independent thinker and taking responsibility for yourself, your diet, fitness and what you choose to focus your time and effort on.”