Couples wanting to tie the knot have been warned that virtual weddings are not legally binding.

The coronavirus crisis has meant that all weddings and civil partnership ceremonies have been cancelled in England since March.

Some organisations and individuals are advertising virtual weddings as an alternative for couples wanting to get married during lockdown. However, what they do not always make clear is that these are not recognised by law.

Cllr Mike Freeman, said: “They could be great fun and enable relatives living a long way away to see the happy couple. However, they are not a legal alternative.

“Not only does it mean that you are not legally married, there are lots of other legal implications regarding children, inheritance and finances which means that in all these areas people are still treated in law on the basis that they are not married.”

Once restrictions have been lifted, couples wanting to get married or enter a civil partnership can visit Trafford Register Office’s website for more information at