ARTISTS and creatives across Greater Manchester, who have been inspired by the Covid-19 crisis, are showcasing their new work on a new online platform launched last weekend.

The wide-ranging and impactful pieces, ranging from animation and art to carnival, dance, design, game, film, literature, music, photography, poetry and theatre, were commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) in April, as part of the city-region’s commitment to nurturing culture, even during lockdown.

Creative Commissions worth £500 each were granted to 60 number of artists, writers, film-makers, photographers, actors and performers in April.

All have worked to capture the essence of Greater Manchester during the coronavirus shutdown, providing an artistic archive for future generations to explore and enjoy. Now their work has been curated on a new web platform curated by GMCA, with the public able to explore the work pieces via the authority's website. More submissions will be added over time.