THYME and Season Catering, which provides food and drink for Flixton Golf Club and Trafford MV has helped to offer meals for vulnerable people in the Trafford area during lockdown.

John Ratcliff, from the firm, has been busy trying to offer a helping hand to people locally after a lot of his trade was lost overnight and they worked out ways to continue to operate including providing takeaways.

John said: “Whilst doing this we found that a lot of the elderly and vulnerable were trapped and frightened about what was happening, also a lot didn’t have access to social media so couldn’t take advantage of what we were doing.

“We started off by offering a free meal for them on just one day and then got people offering to donate cash, food and assistance in helping to assist.

"Since the start of this we have raised £5,000 in funding and we provide on average 500 meals free of charge each week and to date we have provided around 4,000 meals.

“We then got involved in the Sale Moor project which is run by Jamie Rennie providing meals for families in need. This is massively supported by Jamie Chapman and his team from Sale Communities Football Club

“Flixton Golf Club has been a huge support to the cause providing a safe venue where everything can be prepared and distributed from, they have provided this totally free of charge and without them none of this would have been possible

“Other support has come from S J Duckworth Butchers in Ashton on Mersey who have provided all meats at cost price

“We would also like to thank Herbert Murray Funeral Directors in Ashton on Mersey for their continued support, checking the elderly are okay and letting us know if people in the community are struggling and letting us know if they need anything."

The organisers have also thanked Trafford MV members for all their assistance with deliveries and all other supporters.