NEW floodlights at a popular tennis club look set to be dismissed by council chiefs.

Andrew Groves submitted an application on behalf of Stuart Dagg from Urmston Sports Club for 12 floodlight columns on the three tennis courts at Urmston Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club on Moorside Road.

Trafford Council's planning and development management committee are set to decide on the future of the scheme next Thursday afternoon.

However, in the report it has been recommended for refusal by council officers due to the 'proposed floodlighting scheme would result in undue harm to the amenity of residents of Albany Court by reason of light intrusion (light spill and glare) and increased noise and disturbance resulting from increased hours of play when the floodlights are in use'.

There have been 45 letters of support of the scheme while the officials from Lawn Tennis Association, St Anthony’s Catholic College, Urmston Primary, Urmston Grammar School and Flixton Girls School and Trafford Council Sports and Leisure Section - were also in favour of the scheme.

Club member Dominic Dietrich says the scheme will help the future of the club.

He said: "Floodlights are a key improvement the club NEEDS in order to go to that next level and get even more people interested.

"Some people work jobs where they can't get to certain sessions because they're on at times where the light is essential and that's a shame that so many more people could be missing out on getting outside and playing or learning a sport."

In the report it also said that it should be approved as the club 'has a committed tennis section but needs more members to survive', and that 'it is crucial to the local community'.

Also it adds to 'refuse the application would hold back the development of the club.'

Meanwhile, a petition was created with 28 signatures from the 22 flats in Albany Court and also letters of objection were received.

Among the concerns included creating 'disturbance to flats from lights and noise, residents would have to shut windows to block out noise and Albany Court is for over-55s and residents are of an age where they can enjoy peace and quiet.

There were also fears of increased 'risk of crime to flats', the 'lights will affect 27 flats in three storeys' and also exacerbating 'existing car parking problems.'