NEIGHBOURS of a Partington pensioner - who was terrorised by teenagers - have rallied around to raise £1,000 to fund security measures.

As reported by The Messenger earlier this week, a 75-year-old man was threatened with a baseball bat and confronting youths near Mill Bank Hall Farm.

The OAP, who is battling cancer, was dragged from his car as part of the ordeal and his greenhouse was smashed, at around 7.45pm last Sunday.

Sgt Jon Ezard, of Trafford Police, was disgusted by the incident and insisted the youths had 'crossed the line' with the outrage.

But people living in Partington have launched fundraising to assist the pensioner, who has not been named.

Cllr Adele New, who lives in Partington and represents the ward on Trafford Council, said a small number of young people are giving the area bad press.

She said: “The young people involved in the awful attack on the elderly gentleman and his property are not typical of Partington youth, they are a very small minority who let our community down.

“Partington is a warm, kind and open place. We rally, we support and we look after one another.

“As soon as it was made known what had happened at the farm, the initial response aside from shocked disgust was to help.

“I am hugely thankful to Mike Jarman for managing the fundraising and to Dean Holland for his help with the repairs and CCTV installation.

“Also to the many outside of Partington who have donated and sent well wishes. Partington is so much more than the negative reports that are put out about us and I’m hugely proud of the community that is my home.”

Thanks to the massive community response, CCTV is being installed at the gentleman’s home and his greenhouse is being repaired.