A 54-year-old support worker for severely disabled adults, has set herself a ‘to-do’ list.

Julie Birchenough, from Urmston decided to write it after her mother went into a care home.

Her daring dreams, such as climbing Snowdon, sky diving and white water rafting have been put on hold but she has already achieved two others. The first was to earn money for charity and the second was to appear on stage.

She said: “My sister suggested we could make masks for Ferrol Lodge - our mother’s care home.”

The demand grew and she charged a nominal fee for charities such as Barnardos, Stretford Food Bank, Flixton Toy House and some cancer causes.

Julie bought bundles of patchwork designs from Aldi and made masks featuring Tinkerbell, Brer Rabbit and Mary Poppins.The elastic was the hardest thing to find,” she said.

She appeared on stage last year after joining the Canterbury Players from Davyhulme. When she first joined she became the prompt in House Guest, directed by Julie Broadbent. Then she was given the role of Mrs Ploppy the old jail cook in Black Adder.

“It was only a small part but I managed to make myself look old,” she said.

She became close friends with her former director, Julie Broadbent. “ Because we were both Julie B, I became known as Julie P (Mrs Ploppy),” she said.

This led to another dream – to appear on TV as she achieved it this year when she appeared in Cold Feet.

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