DURING the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen countless people rally around to support those in need.

I have featured a couple of individuals in this column who have been outstanding recently.

But I could literally fill each page of this newspaper with similar features about individuals who have been going above and beyond to help out our community here in Trafford.

There really are a lot of amazing people out there.

They say that in times of turmoil there will always be people willing to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done for the greater good.

And there have been so many people making that step.

But we have all played our vital part by staying at home, keeping our social distance and stopping the spread of this horrible virus.

We have come together, but separately, on Thursday nights, to applaud our NHS and key workers.

We have been inspired by people like Sir Captain Tom, who has lifted our spirits and encouraged us during this horrible pandemic by his example.

It has been an extremely difficult period in all of our lives, there’s no doubt about that.

Yet together we have stayed strong and resilient. I think we’ve all collectively done brilliantly during these times.

As the clapping for the NHS has now finished I think it’s time we all gave ourselves a round of applause for what every single one of us has been through during this awful pandemic.

We’ve lost loved ones and seen people suffer.

We’ve faced hardships and had to go without many of the things that we’re all used to.

We’ve had our lives totally interrupted, but we’ve done it.

I know it’s not over yet but the rules are slowly being relaxed and life is slowly getting back on track.

I have no idea if life will ever be as it was before but we will go on with our lives regardless.

So, as a few weeks ago, in this column, I raised my glass to the NHS and all its wonderful staff, this week I want to raise my glass to us all.

As you may have read in the Messenger last week I was very honoured to have received an award from the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Dr Eamonn O’Neal.

It was a lovely surprise and I’d just like to say thank you to all those readers who put my name forward.

I very much appreciate it and I’m thrilled that you enjoy my column each week enough to nominate me, and particularly Wayne’s World, for such an award.

It has taken pride of place in my office. Thank you so much.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and although this pandemic and how it’s affecting us all isn’t over yet, I hope your lives aren’t affected too much and that you’re all managing to get by okay.

Take care of yourselves and each other and see you all next week.