A TOTAL of 150 businesses were reported for being open during lockdown in Trafford.

But only 10 companies were actually found to be breaking the rules. it has emerged.

Council bosses have been dealing with such complaints from across the borough since the coronavirus pandemic began.

And despite getting more than 100 reports of businesses allegedly breaking Government guidelines, less than 10 per cent were actually in the wrong.

Now it has been revealed that of the 10 businesses that were open when they shouldn’t have been, the council spoke with owners and they all agreed to close.

This resulted in there being no need for further enforcement action from town hall officers.

The authority has said it has been adopting a ‘warn and inform’ approach when dealing with its enforcement of the Government’s lockdown guidance.

Council officials say they are opting to give advice to business owners, as a first port of call, and that no formal enforcement action was necessary in any of the above cases.

A Trafford Council spokesman said: “The council have received approximately 150 complaints relating to businesses being open to members of the public.

"However of these, less than 10 were found to be actually open when they should have been closed.

“All of these businesses were contacted by the council and agreed to close without the need for officers to take formal enforcement action.

“The council’s approach to these matters has been to ‘warn and inform’ and only use enforcement powers where absolutely necessary.

"Officers have also been giving advice to businesses on how they can continue to trade whilst complying with the regulations, and ensuring the health and safety of employees and members of the public.”