A SALE-based broadcaster and award-winning voiceover artist is set to go global as the voice of a new Netflix series ‘History 101’, which launched last week.

The series explores a series of significant world firsts, from the discovery of oil, to the development of artificial intelligence.

Natalie Silverman recorded the series before lockdown began, however additional work was required to adapt the show once ways of working changed and many of us adapted to working from home.

She was able to complete the final touches in her professional home studio, which she uses daily in her work as a voiceover artist and from which she records The Fertility Podcast.

Natalie said: “There was something so significant in the fact that I had been asked to voice this series on ground breaking world firsts and things that changed the course of history and then suddenly Covid-19 hit and we entered one of the most unprecedented and unique times that we have experienced in recent history.

"There was something quite ironic about the whole situation. In fact, if more episodes are commissioned it would only seem fitting that one on pandemics or specifically coronavirus be included.”

History 101 aims to tackles the biggest developments of the past 100 years and breaks them down into easy-to-understand 20-minute episodes which include archive material and jaw-dropping infographics.

The 10 episodes on the streaming service span a wide range of topics including scientific breakthroughs, social movements, and world-changing discoveries: the space race, the AIDS epidemic, nuclear power, robots, genetics, the rise of China, fast food, and feminism.

Natalie believes that the series will be a welcome source of learning about significant events in a time where we are looking to expand our knowledge.

Natalie added: “I have definitely learnt a lot more after voicing the episodes, my family have been rather impressed with my new-found knowledge at our weekly Zoom quiz”.