Will Goddard from Hale has been volunteering for the homeless charity Barnabus for seven months.

Barnabus emailed their volunteers to say their fundraising had slowed because events had been cancelled.

So the 24-year-old decided to help them and, at the same time, make people laugh.

He named it the 5-Prong Challenge. The first challenge was to sleep in his garden in a sleeping bag.

He said: “I chose the worst night to do it. It was raining and I only slept for two hours.”

Next, Will did ‘the worm’ backwards for 24 hours.

He said “Our floors are hard and I was banging along the ground. My arms felt as though they had been run over by cement mixers.

“This was the hardest challenge.”

His third task was to lead a dog’s life for two days.

He said: “I got a Dalmatian costume from Amazon. At first it was quite itchy and covered my eyes but I got used to it and wore it for an extra day.

“It probably needs a wash!”

He curled up at the bottom of his bed to sleep and vied with the family’s two real dogs to catch a ball. They won.

“My brother and sister took me for a walk. They nearly died with embarrassment at the reaction of others.”

His fourth task was to survive for three days without using his hands.

“Making and drinking coffee was difficult. I switched on the Nespresso machine with my nose and used a straw to drink.-

“The hardest things were the little things.”

It took Will ten minutes to switch on his bedside lamp.

“I’d like to challenge Messenger readers to connect a charger without using their hands,” he said.

Will has postponed the fifth prong of his fundraising campaign until he has raised £5,000 for Barnabus.

He has currently raised £1,600.

n To donate visit barnabus-manchester.org.uk and click the fundraising button. Then click The 5 – Prong challenge.