THIEVES have been described as ‘absolute low-lifes’ after stealing hanging baskets from outside a pub and a pensioners home in Stretford.

CCTV footage and images have been released from outside the Bishops Blaize on Chester Road on May 10 at 1.50pm.

Ben Plunkett, owner of the pub, took to social media to post his disgust at the two people stealing the displays.

He said: “They moved a bin off the side to stand on and reach when I arrived the bin was still there as (the) pub's closed (and) no-one has been. It is annoying more than anything that people do stuff like this given what’s going on and I don’t think I’m the only one either.

“It’s awful they are doing stupid things like this given what’s going on in the world plus I’ve seen online.”

Ben’s post on Facebook stirred up reaction from Nicola McKinstry as some hanging baskets were taken from outside her nan’s house.

He added that it was so sad to hear about the 85-year-old having her baskets taken describing it as "so sad, absolute low lifes.”

Nicola said that she was disgusted by the news on May 17. She said: “My nan had four big hanging baskets stolen from her front path. She is extremely upset and had a massive job cleaning out soil and a couple of cigarette buds from her front ramp and path to her door.

“She’s already gone through a lot this year and in need of knee replacement too. She’s really upset about all this. Whoever has done this is so low and its just disgusting stealing from an elderly woman, who would give her last penny to anyone she meets.”