LOTS of people have been going beyond the call of duty to lend a hand during the coronavirus crisis but it is not often you hear about a three-year-old helping out.

Torsten Gill, from Abbotsford Prepatorial School in Urmston, has been bringing a little positivity to the world by challenging himself to do 100 roly-polys (10 a day) to raise money for local food banks.

So far, the youngster has raised over £300 but he wants to raise more money for the good cause.

Proud mum Natasha Swindells said: “The idea came as Torsten’s school were collecting for local food banks and he asked we were giving tins.

“I told him that he had some people may have lost their jobs or are finding it difficult to get out or even cannot get to the shops and the food banks get food to them.

“So he wanted to go the extra mile and be active.

“School were really supportive and they gave him a lot of recognition for doing it and he managed to raise nearly £400. Our goal was to fill a van and we did that.

“He wanted to do the roly-polys as they were one of the skills he learned during lockdown and he really enjoyed it and even dressed up as Marvel superhero characters and even did it with a Captain America shield one day.

“He wanted to do something extra as he put little bags with books and crayons to give out to kids with the food.”

The family, from Partington, are looking forward to trying to our next challenge.

The 31-year-old mum added: “Torsten is a very positive boy and was upset when he were talking to him about other people.

“It was really easy for him and it was his idea to try to get people to give money to him. He has loved staying fit and active.

“The community has been great during the crisis and we have been also doing some shopping for the elderly neighbours.

“We are hearing about a lot of negativity from the crisis. But this is how the community has helped each other.”