LEADER of Trafford Council Andrew Western is concerned about recent decisions by central government about relaxing 'Stay at Home' advice.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed a three-part plan to get out of lockdown and about a new alert system.

However, Trafford Council's leader had reservations about the new slogan.

He said: "I don't agree with central government’s decision to introduce a new slogan underpinned with vague guidance at this critical stage of the pandemic.

“The previous message to ‘Stay at Home’ was clear and precise, however, the new advice to ‘Stay Alert’ could be viewed as confusing.

“There is a real danger here that many Trafford residents will be unsure whether to return to work or not – and employers equally concerned about opening their businesses safely.

“In addition, the advice around social distancing – seeing family and friends – and traveling to work is too ambiguous.

“Boris Johnson has seriously muddied the water when it comes to relaxing the lockdown rules.

“Therefore, in the absence of what I believe to be clear national guidance, the advice to all Trafford residents from the Council is to Stay at Home, and Save Lives. If you do need to go out then you should use common sense and follow the current guidance on social distancing.”