THESE are the new-look plans - from a set of Manchester architects created in partnership with Altrincham FC - for the wholesale redevelopment of the J.Davidson Stadium.

The project has been designed by Define Architects and are based on the 10-year-plan to maintain club’s strong connection with the community.

The plans include the refurbishment of key areas of the existing stadium and the addition of new building elements.

Club officials hope that the new facilities for staff, players and supporters, to transform the ground into a ‘destination’ within the town.

Areas of the existing stadium including the sponsors lounge and players and officials areas will be refurbished in the short term with the aim to set the design principles for future larger-scale projects.

It is hoped landscaping, in the form of new ‘fan zones’, will strengthen the community atmosphere around the stadium.

Long-term projects outlined this week include the replacement of the existing terraces on the Popular Side and Moss Lane with new stands and the introduction of safe standing zones to the Golf Road and Chequer’s End sections of the ground.

Bosses at Altrincham FC say they are in full support of the ambitious scheme, which will be subject to future planning permissions being obtained.

Bill Waterson, a director at Altrincham FC, said: “Altrincham Football Club are on the way up. We pride ourselves on being at the heart of the community, and we want our ground to represent the best of the town of Altrincham, designated by the Sunday Times as the 'Best Place to Live' in the UK.

“"Gavin and Define Architects took our brief and have come back with a design that takes or vision to new heights, and perfectly reflects the spirit and energy in the town.

"Delivering on this vision will give us a ground that will be embedded in the heart of this vibrant community for many years to come.”