In the same way that darkness can't be overcome by adding more darkness to it and it's only by letting in the light that it is defeated, so as we fight this horrible Coronavirus pandemic I'd like this week to try and let a little light in on our current situation.

There are little things that we can all do to overcome any darkness we may be feeling whilst in isolation as our NHS staff work tirelessly to care for those who have contracted the virus and our scientists work constantly to find a treatment and a vaccine.

One thing I think we shouldn't be constantly doing is reading on social media and watching the news all day long about the death tolls and tragedies from around the globe, that isn't healthy and is only letting in more darkness.

Instead lets promote all the good news of survivors of this pandemic and the stories of hope and of overcoming COVID-19. Like the 89 year old British lady who has not only beaten cancer but also recently recovered from the virus and is back to full health. These kinds of stories beat the darkness of doom and gloom of our situation and replace it with the light of hopefulness.

Let's dwell on the positives and not all the negatives, which we already know there are many and we don't need constant reminders. I heard recently the expression that where there is life there is hope, so let's focus on hope!

That's not to say that we live in denial of the seriousness of this terrible pandemic and the awful affects it is having on the world around us. Of course we must acknowledge that and abide by all our Government guidelines that we are given, like the importance of staying at home and social distancing, but I don't think it's healthy for our minds to be constantly told tales of death and woe.

Let's focus on the stories of survivors of the pandemic, of communities working together and individuals doing amazing things to support those who need assistance. For every piece of negative news I see, I try to find two or three pieces of positive news to replace them with. It's a good way of keeping our strong mental health whilst we are all stuck at home with all this time on our hands to dwell on things.

To cheer up my neighbours and for me to have a good sing song, I set up my PA equipment and from the safety of our own gardens I did a little performance, only of four songs but it was lovely to sing to my neighbours and hopefully give them some distraction from being isolated at home. It was a pleasure to perform even under such unusual circumstances and I hope my neighbours and those who watched it on Facebook Live enjoyed it as much as I did!

As always I pay my respects to those we have lost, I salute those NHS staff, care workers and all essential workers for what they are doing and I also focus on the future and all it will bring and of hearing of new stories that will let in the light to inspire pride in our borough and all those wonderful people we have within it.

Please stay home, stay safe and let more light in! See you all next week