A FORMER British soldier who allegedly wanted to fight against so-called Islamic State has been unable to attend a hearing in his case because he is “self-isolating” in jail due to coronavirus.

Daniel Edward Burke, 32, of Amberwood Drive, Wythenshawe, is being held in custody after being charged with three terrorism offences.

He is said to have fought Islamic State forces alongside the Kurdish militia in Syria in 2019 before returning to the UK.

It is alleged by prosecutors that between October 7 and November 5 last year he engaged in conduct with the intention to assist another person to commit, prepared or instigate an act of terrorism, by allegedly arranging transport for a fellow fighter.

Between September 18 and November 2 last year, he allegedly entered into or became concerned in an arrangement with others to provide money and military equipment while having reasonable cause to suspect that it would or may be used for the purposes of terrorism, which involves claims he supplied the YPG with cash via platforms such as PayPal.

He is further charged with engaging in conduct in preparation to commit, prepare or instigate an act of terrorism between October 7 and December 7 last year.

The defendant, who has allegedly expressed a desire to travel to Syria to fight for Kurdish militia, was charged following a port stop in December last year.

His case was brought before Mr Justice Sweeney at the Old Bailey last week.

The defendant, who formerly served in the Parachute Regiment, was unable to attend court by video link due to self isolation in custody.

He was further remanded into custody ahead of a plea hearing, at the same court, on May 7.