A TIMPERLEY entrepreneur hit our TV screens last weekend after going head-to-head with the members of Dragon’s Den, to encourage them to invest in her company.

Evie Waxman, founder of Raw Bake Station, walked into the dragons’ lair, clad in her branded pink dungarees and armed with her range of raw and vegan sweet treats and impressed all the top business gurus. But unfortunately she could not get the £50,000 she needed.

Despite the rest of the panel enjoying everything they tasted, Peter Jones was quick to claim he hadn’t and delivered his ‘I’m out’ decision.

Unfazed by his comments, and with the clear backing of the other four Dragons, Evie delivered her own verdict - ‘You can’t please everyone.’

Jones said he thought the products would not make it to the shelves of the ‘big boys’.

But two months after filming the episode, Raw Bake Station launched into WHSmith Travel stores nationwide. They have secured many more listings with their new range of ‘Crookies’ including their first international retailer in Germany who sold over 10,000 units in just six weeks.

Although Evie came out of the Dragon's Den with no deal, she said she felt very positive in the comments that they made about the business and herself as an entrepreneur.

Admittedly the only thing she felt disappointed in was the fact she hadn’t been able to bring any of her new products' branding or packaging which resulted in Deborah Meedham turning down the deal.

Evie said: “It feels good to prove him (Peter Jones) wrong. We have gone from strength to strength and what I took from the experience was more drive and energy to work harder and not let a ‘no’ from the Dragons slow me down.

“It just goes to show that in life you will always get knockbacks, but it’s how you let them affect you that matters. If you continue to put 110 per cent effort into something, you will go far. We are actually launching with a supermarket chain later this year so it’s a very exciting time for us.”