YOU will have to excuse me this week for a considerably shorter Wayne's World column.

I've had to go in to complete isolation when I started showing the nasty symptoms of the coronavirus.

It has not been a very nice week for me at all.

I've been very poorly but thank God for my Val and my son who have both been absolutely fantastic in looking after me.

I'm set up with a camp bed, a television, radio, books, laptop and everything else I might need in the comfort of our conservatory, away from the rest of the family.

They've really looked after me from a distance. I can not thank them both enough.

I would also like to thank all those who have sent me well wishes on my social media, that really means a lot to me and I very much appreciate it.

One thing I have found really interesting and it passed the time nicely, when I wasn't to ill to watch it, was from 'Time Out' who have put on their website a link to have a virtual tour, from the comfort of your own home, of all the major museums from around the world.

The link is on my website on the 'online events' page, it's well worth a look!

I also enjoyed going on YouTube and watching Chester Zoo Live, who'd have thought that three little Panda Bears could be so entertaining!

I've received several emails this week asking me to sing songs for people to cheer them up whilst in isolation. One gentleman in particular, who lives alone, sent me a lovely email asking me to sing an old Irish song called 'Grace' as it would mean the world to him.

He likes my version of Danny Boy and wants me to sing his favourite Irish ballad. How can I refuse? I am learning the words to the song and when I'm back on my feet again I will sing it for him as well as all the others.

If you would like to request a song for either yourself or a loved one please email me at and I will record a video of me singing your requests and post them on the All About Trafford website.

Now please excuse me while I sign off and get some rest and hopefully I'll be much better and back to my usual Wayne's World column for next week!

Please stay at home and follow all the government guidelines.

If you must go out please keep your distance from each other I would not want any of you to get this nasty virus. I am fit and healthy but if it was to be passed on to someone with underlying conditions then it can quickly become very serious, so please stay at home.

Thank you again to all our NHS staff and carers and all the key workers for keeping us going.

Thanks for your friendship and support and I'll see you all next week!

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