Youngsters from a school in Sale have created their own news reports and YouTube video on Coronavirus to help keep their family and friends calm and safe.

The pupils from Woodheys Primary School have been learning about the facts of Coronavirus, how to deal with fake news and interviewing each other on their feels on the disease at an afterschool media club.

Kirsty Day, who runs the club – Media Cubs – decided to tackle the issue of Coronavirus in the school newsroom so the children could open up to each other about how they are feeling about the pandemic.

She said: “As part of the Media Cubs newsroom we always like to keep up with what is on the news agenda – so it was hard not to tackle the issue of Coronavirus as it is one of the biggest ever reported news stories.

“I am pleased that they got this opportunity to do their own news reports on it – written and in our pop-up TV studio, take part in a Q&A session with each other to share feelings and what they know, and importantly learning about fake news, as they were keen to support their friends and family with this.”

Check out the video on the Messenger website.