AT just 25, Edgar Divver is already an accomplished composer.

He has had a mini-opera performed at the Anthony Burgess Centre in Manchester, the first time he had written for voice.

Many of his works have been performed by the Royal Northern College of Music where he studied composition.

A violinist with Sale Chamber Orchestra for three years, they made him their composer in residence last September.

Knowing they like new music he has composed an unusual piece.

It is called Ode to a Fallen Washing Machine. As he put it together, the orchestra gave him feedback.

He said: “I know the players and what they can cope with. This will take them out of their comfort zone. When I moved into my house just over three years ago, the washing machine was at least 20 years old. It worked but made horrendous sounds. It reached the point where the neighbours knew when we were doing our laundry. I thought that I must use if for a piece so I recorded the noise.

“Whilst I was writing it, the washing machine gave up the ghost – hence the title. At the beginning and the end, the leader mimics the beep at the start and finish of the washing cycle.

“I have always enjoyed the excitement of writing and not just copying other people’s work.”

The conductor will be Richard Howarth, Sale Chamber Orchestra’s musical director.

Edgar is now composing a piece to accompany his bride down the aisle when they get married later this year. The concert is on March 28 at St Paul’s Church, Sale at 7.30pm. Telephone 0161 973 8193.