WHEN I first announced that I was to start writing Wayne’s World the first person to offer me some solid advice on column writing was Eamonn O’Neal.

Eamonn has been wonderful in supporting me over the years on his radio show and kindly featured me in his column at the time for my Charity Sinatra Centennial Concert.

Last week Eamonn made a lovely announcement so I thought it was the perfect time to interview him and share his wonderful news. I started as I always do with asking him about his Trafford connection and what he likes to do in the area and here’s what he had to say.

He said: “We’ve lived in Trafford for 25 years and our children have grown up and gone to the wonderful Trafford schools here. We live near the canal so we’re always walking or cycling along the towpath. We love the restaurant recently opened at the Waterside, Mano a Bocca. Lovely people and fab food. The theatre at the Waterside is fantastic and we go a lot for a variety of events”.

After a very busy and highly successful career in TV, radio and newspapers I wanted to know how he now fills his time?

“I’m still working full time as CEO of St Ann’s Hospice and I present a Sunday morning programme with Jimmy Wagg on BBC Radio Manchester. I don’t really have much spare time but I do play the piano accordion and I’m trying to make more time to make the best of that. Our grandchildren are the ones who keep us busiest!”

As well as his brilliant work with St. Ann’s, Eamonn is the patron of a few charities.

“I’m currently a trustee of three charities - The Dianne Oxberry Trust, The Salford Diocese and Caritas. I also support a number of other good causes but not as trustee.

“The Dianne Oxberry Trust was set up last year following the sad death of our friend and colleague. We’ve done some amazing work in the first year, thanks to the huge generosity of people who loved Dianne.”

Eamonn has just been appointed by The Queen as the next High Sheriff of Greater Manchester and will be installed on April 17.

The role of High Sheriff is the oldest secular title in British history and among the most ancient in the world, dating back more than 1,300 years. The sheriff represented the monarch, collected taxes, raised armies and was the rule of law across the county but as times changed so did the role.

“It’s a great honour to be appointed High Sheriff. It’s a one-year appointment and I’m the second consecutive Trafford resident to hold the office, Mark Adlestone having been High Sheriff 2019/20. It’s an opportunity to support the huge amount of great work done across the communities. I’m dedicating my year to everyone who volunteers.

“I’m very proud of being a Trafford resident and I hope I can continue to contribute to life in this fantastic borough.”