POLICE are warning parents they may visiting parents of teenagers who have been causing anti-social behaviour in Altrincham.

Inspector Jon Evans has issued a statement as since February 8, there have been large groups of boys and girls, roughly 14 to 17 years old, coming to the town centre on Saturdays to cause problems.

It is believed they are coming from all areas of Trafford and sometimes beyond, often they travel by the Metrolink system.

He said: “Once in Altrincham they are involved in stealing alcohol from supermarkets, smoking cannabis and fighting with each other.

“On Saturday March 14, I arranged additional police officers to be in Altrincham and authorised a power that allows police officers to order the youths to leave the area.

“One of the officers involved in this operation, whilst tackling these groups, was knocked to the ground and badly assaulted.

“This is a disgrace.

“We are collating the CCTV evidence for a range offences and will be visiting all schools in Trafford to identify those responsible.

“Those identified can expect to be prosecuted or be controlled by the use of civil injunctions, if any members of the public have any footage of these groups please contact the South Neighbourhood team at Traffordsouth@gmp.police.uk

“Some of the youths in these groups are known to the police, many are not.

“So to you as parents – do you know where your teenage children were last Saturday, do you know where they will be next Saturday, if not we may be coming to your home soon.”