LEO Burtin is a chef with a difference. 

He is a theatre chef and is an artist in residence for a year with the Manchester Jewish Museum who are organising their first Festival of Belonging.

He will present a  show at the Manchester Art Gallery café entitled Good Appetite on Sunday March 8th as part of the Festival.

Leo, who obtained his culinary skills from his partly Jewish family said   “It was the cultural aspect of Judaism that was prominent.   They weren’t particularly religious,”.

“Food is important to everyone.   It is one of the things that bring people together.   We all have to eat.   It is a social leveller which makes it a good start for shared histories, stories and conversation.”

The event will feature three films.   In each one, Leo visits a different house where people choose a dish which they teach him about saying where it came from and what it meant to them.”

Leo will serve three vegetarian dishes linked to each film.

They are Mujadra, Paprikash and Lokishen Kugel.  People will watch a film whilst enjoying each dish.

“The thing I most enjoy about my job is that I spend time with different people.    No two days are the same.”

Tickets for the show, priced £10 adults and £8 concessions plus a booking fee, can be purchased from:  eventbrite.co.uk/e/good-appetite-with-leo-burtin-tickets-92207774937.

- For information about other events in the Manchester Jewish Museum Festival of Belonging, see manchesterjewishmuseum.com/whats-on-2/