THE Manchester Speech and Drama Association, MSADA, founded in 1887 whose patron is Dame Judi Dench, still meets monthly.

Their meeting on February 12 at the Life Centre, Sale, was led by Pennant Roberts who highlighted two very different poet laureates.

They were John Masefield and John Betjeman and he used quotes from them both to illustrate their differences. His talk led to a debate about how writers in the past dealt with censorship.

Pennant said: “I implied that, from a watershed moment in 1917, writers felt compelled to give a vague glimpse of what they really felt about the conduct of the establishment and literary classes.”

The next meeting will be at 1.45pm on March 11, when Barbara Turner,will examine famous opening paragraphs in literature. Her talk will be called: ‘It was the best of times. It was the worse of times’.

For more information, contact Brenda Briscoe on 0161 748 2530.