Dunham Massey WI arranged for a tree to be planted, for their Centenary celebrations in 2020.

On Thursday 13th February 2020 at 9.30am , ten WI ladies were met at the entrance to the gardens by Emily Chandler, the Head Gardener.

The WI believe that the National Trust gave permission for the tree to be planted in the grounds of Dunham Massey Hall because of the group’s links with the hall.

Lady Penelope, Countess of Stamford, was their founder and first President.

The tree came from Dunham’s nursery in Devon and was a rare Magnolia named Biondii. It will eventually bear scented white flowers edged with pink.

No plaques are allowed by the tree but the event will be commemorated in the Memorial Book which will be displayed in the Manor House during Spring/Summer 2020.

Dunham Massey WI thanked everyone who attended the event, despite the weather.

The party then enjoyed a warming drink and Danish pastries in the hall’s restaurant.