THEATRE Company Blah Blah Blah will perform The Vultures’ Song by award-winning children’s playwright, Mike Kenn, directed by Deborah Pakhar-Hull, at Waterside Arts this weekend.

Inspired by the partition of India, yet set in a fictional and timeless place, The Vultures’ Song was one of three plays nominated as Best Play for Young Audiences at the 2019 Writers’ Guild Awards.

Written for ages nine years and over, it follows a young girl’s search for a new home after she is forced out of her own.

Four curious vultures perch nearby telling her tale and then transform into the characters she meets along the way.

There’s a protective older sister, friendly neighbours who take a risk to help, people making the most of a divided country and other children who are now better off. The four actors constantly switch characters.

Actor Simone Lewis said the vultures were the perfect animals to drive the narrative along: “They provide the light relief which contrasts with the girl’s story.”

Another actor, Richard Priestley, said: “Sometimes theatre for young people can be a bit bland, afraid to be controversial, but The Vultures’ Song tackles tough issues in a way that is suitable for a younger age group.”

* Tickets for The Vultures’ Song, which will be performed at the Sale venue on Sunday, from 2.30pm, with reductions for families, can be purchased from 0161 912 5616.

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