A ROW has erupted between residents and a waste rubbish collection company after one of their wagons knocked over a pillar.

Locals at Beech Lawn on St Margaret’s Road in Altrincham were outraged on November 26 when a lorry collided with the stonework at the entrance.

Resident Gabriel Ryan, has contacted Trafford Council and Amey to get someone to fix the problem.

He said: “It has been six weeks now and we have asked councillors to see if we can get it sorted.

“The incident was reported immediately and the Chief Executive of Trafford has been informed.

“Now here we are some weeks later and had no contact from Trafford.

“Not a phone call, nothing. It’s bad enough reporting a missed collection every week but smashing residents property brings couldn’t care less to a new level.

“The pillars are more than 100 years old and have lasted up to now so we think someone should come to put it back.

“We saw it happen at 9am on November 26 and we think it was just an accident but as we went to speak to them about it but they just drove off.

“It had a light on it so I had to get someone to come and sort the electrical cables and repair it so nobody would be hurt.

"It has been moved so people can walk but it should not have been left like that”

The Messenger contacted Trafford Council about the pillar and a spokesman confirmed that the issue is with their insurers to sort it out.