A YOUNG boy has had his drawings professionally printed to raise money for the homeless.

Ethan Welsh, 8, wrote to James and Adam from Instantprint, asking them to print his Splatoon-themed comic.

The letter read: “Me and my brother love comics and drawing Splatoon pictures. I also want to help people who have no home and will be cold this winter.

"I have made my own comics to sell to my friends and family and raise money for the homeless people. I know you two are nice men so I hope you can print my comics please.”

This adorable letter was sent along with £3, Ethan's pocket money.

Ethan must be very good at reading people, as the "nice men" at the company not only agreed to print his comics for free, but also sent back his pocket money.

Jon Constantine-Smith, head of Instantprint, said: "We were very impressed with Ethan’s creativity and I truly enjoyed reading his comics.

"For an eight-year-old it's amazing, it's not something I could have done at that age.

"We've done this because it aligns so closely to what we do and what we want as a business."

The company has provided Ethan with 15 copies of his creation, printed onto stapled booklets.

Jon Welsh, Ethan's dad, said: "When he found out that Instantprint could turn his designs into reality he wanted to spend his pocket money and bring them to life so he could sell them at his school and help the people he has seen sleeping on the streets.

"We were so pleased when Instantprint contacted him to say they'd help out. I hope his little gesture can help raise money for local homeless charities."