Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has said that he would back Leave if Labour was in power and secured a Brexit deal.

During an interview on ITV's 'Calling Peston' podcast, he said that he has concerns about the idea of a second referendum, because the "social fabric" is torn and he believes a referendum would tear it further.

Mr Burnham said that he would "probably" campaign for a deal which kept Britain as close to the EU as possible.

He added that there was "huge anger at the political class" in his former constituency of Leigh, which he believes is not "fully understood in Westminster."

However, he said he would wholeheartedly campaign for Remain if the option was between No Deal and Remain.

Labour have said that they would negotiate a new deal within three months and put it to a second referendum within six months if they came to power on December 12.

Jeremy Corbyn has said that he would remain neutral in a second referendum.