WHEN it comes to pantos, the Players of Sale are lucky to have their own wordsmith.

She is Fran Grubert, a member for 15 years who has just written her fourth panto for them.

She has called it The Legend of Robbie Hood.

“The name change was just me being silly with words,” she said.

“I have changed other names, too. For instance, Alan-a-dale has become Alana Dale and Little John is Lidl John as in the supermarket.”

She said her baddies, The Sheriff and Guy of Guisbourne (deliberately spelt differently), are funny not evil.

“I think the children will enjoy a lot of suspense, the bad jokes and audience participation.

“They might like the singing and will really enjoy the chase but I’m not giving away too much detail about that!

“We have been fortunate to snag a formidable directional team. They are Ian and Pamela Darke who have worked with many societies and are really putting us through our paces.”

The Players of Sale have their own music makers as well. Arnold Ashbrook and Graham Gooch are responsible for the music. Arnold has written most of the songs and Graham, some of the lyrics.

“This panto is suitable for anyone except historians. It’s just good fun,” said Fran.