A Parliamentary candidate for a Trafford constituency who expressed her “horror” as she could lose out on £22,000 if she is not elected next month said she is “fighting for fairness in how MPs are treated”.

This week a leaked letter revealed Angela Smith, who is standing as the Liberal Democrat’s candidate in Altrincham and Sale West, has appealed for a change to Government rules to ensure she doesn’t lose out on the taxpayer-funded cash after the general election on December 12.

Ms Smith said she “hates injustice” and is “fighting for fairness in the way MPs are treated” in a way that is “consistent with her values”.

Government rules state that, if an MP loses their seat, they are paid two month’s salary in a loss of office payment.

This cash is to allow former MPs time to find alternative employment and to adjust to life outside of Parliament.

Ms Smith, who left the Labour party and joined the Liberal Democrats last month, previously served as a Labour MP for 14 years and is currently MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge.

But, because she has moved to stand in a different constituency, Ms Smith would not be entitled to the loss of office payment if she is not elected in Altrincham and Sale West.

In a letter to the Parliamentary Standards Authority, which is the watchdog for MP’s expenses, she expressed her “horror” at the prospect of losing out on the money.

She said: “I cannot underestimate my horror in finding the latest guidance these payments are only available if you stand in the same ‘seat’.

“The implications of this are terrifying and may also affect my staff. Given that I had no option but to move to another party, I honestly consider that I am being discriminated against.

“I cannot also underestimate the financial stress it would place me under. I will not be able to meet my mortgage payments and many other bills I am liable for.

“It is terrifying me and I feel aggrieved that after serving our country for 14.5 years I could lose everything because of this rule that would cost me around £22,000.”

Ms Smith was embroiled in the 2009 MPs scandal after she was found to have claimed money back for four beds for her one-bedroom flat in London.

The MP candidate was also forced to apologise in February this year for describing people from black or Asian ethnic backgrounds as having a “funny tinge”.

Angela Smith said: “This election is about the future of our country and my decision to accept an invitation from the Liberal Democrats to stand in Altrincham and Sale West was based entirely on my belief that stopping Brexit is essential if we are to secure a brighter future for Britain.

“Fighting for fairness in the way MPs are treated by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is legitimate and consistent with my values; I hate injustice and have always worked as an MP to help constituents who suffer discrimination.

“I am confident we can win in Altrincham and Sale West and am totally committed to representing the constituency as effectively as I can in Parliament.”