Blood donors will soon be able to track the journey their blood takes through the use of Google maps.

Road-maps will be emailed to donors when their blood is issued, showing which hospital receives their donation and where it is processed.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is hoping the new scheme will encourage more people to keep donating, as it adds a personal depth to the donation.

NHSBT is particularly keen on retaining those with in-demand blood types, such as O negative and Ro.

Jon Latham, Assistant Director for blood donation, said: "People are fascinated by what happens to their blood and where it might end up.

"Blood donation keeps evolving but some things stay the same- you still get tea and biscuits and you still get an amazing feeling that you have done something life-changing."

Around 5000 units of blood are issued to hospitals every day.

The maps will complement the text messages which NHSBT has been sending to donors since 2017, which tell them which hospital their blood was sent to.