A woman from Stretford has won a gold and bronze award at the Cake International competition.

The competition, which took place in Birmingham, draws in over a hundred exhibitors from around the world each year.

Christine Jones was one of eight competitors who won a gold award in her category with a score of 96 out of 100 given by the judges.

She was surprised by the results despite winning an award last year.

Christine said: “This is the second year that I won gold so I’m happy to maintain my standards. The first year I thought it was a complete fluke.”

Christine, who has been cake decorating for over 25 years runs her own business called Essentially Cakes which sells a range of celebration cakes. She is especially interested in creating contemporary flower arrangements and was up against 50 other competitors at Cake International.

She said: “It did take me a couple months to get the piece together. I made orchids out of sugar paste, so I had to wait for each piece to dry before putting it together.

“A few days before I dropped one of the flowers, so I was in tears, but I managed to work it out.”

The sugar flower arrangement made by Christine took two months to put together and her hard work led to her winning a bronze and gold award in two categories.

She said: “I am a perfectionist and I could see there were little things that I wasn’t completely happy with, but it all worked out in the end and I managed to win the awards.”