Plans to fundamentally change a village in the south of the borough were discussed by developers and councillors last night.

Developers HIMOR are due to submit a new outline planning application to Trafford Council for up to 320 homes in Carrington – the next step in bringing 725 homes and a new relief road to the area.

Company bosses gave Trafford councillors an information briefing on their plans and have already paid the authority £641,025 to contribute to major infrastructure changes.

The site, which sits between Partington and Sale West, is wholly owned and managed by HIMOR and already has outline permission for 725 homes, which was granted by the council back in August 2017.

According to Greater Manchester’s new housing and employment master plan released in February this year, up to 6,000 homes could end up in Carrington by 2037.

This new application for the site would be in addition to the industrial buildings already being built by HIMOR on the western side of the site and the 277 homes that Wainhomes are already building to the east.

As part of the new application, a landscaped village centre would be created and Carrington Rugby Union Football Club would be relocated to give the club a new pitch and clubhouse closer to the Manchester ship canal.

Andrew Bain, development director for HIMOR, said: “We are keen to work with the community as HIMOR are [in this area] for the long haul. We’ve been here since 2013 and will be for a long time to come. We have offices in Carrington and consider ourselves residents as well as developers.

“We see ourselves as the custodians of people’s back yards; where they walk their dogs and ride their horses, we’re the owners of that land and we want to give people the chance to keep doing that.

“We want to help the parish to see money wisely spent in Carrington. We’re not arrogant developers that are after a few quid, we want to make it a great place to live too.”

HIMOR held two public consultation events earlier this month, but while residents say they broadly support the development, they are concerned about the pressures more people coming to the area might bring.

Liz Harvey, a member of Carrington’s Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, said: “Carrington residents are supportive of the new development in the village. The concerns have been [with] the infrastructure to cope with the congestion on this small road in and out.

“The traffic [is] already at a standstill in the mornings and evenings and adding more homes without adequate infrastructure on this will only cause chaos to the local community.”

Mr Bain said plans for a new relief road through the site, which would run almost parallel to Manchester Road, are in the pipeline to help deal with extra traffic.

Transport for Greater Manchester will ultimately decide its speed limit and what type of road it will be.

Junction improvements where Manchester Road meets Flixton Road and where Carrington Lane meets Carrington Spur are also on the cards to try and ease congestion.

All road building and junction changes would be Trafford Council’s responsibility to complete.

Wainhomes is expected to make a financial contribution to Trafford Council as part of its obligations while developing on the site; exactly how much has not been made public yet.

But Trafford Council charges £20 per square metre of land developed in Carrington, so the amount would be substantial.

A portion of that money will later be given to Carrington Parish Council to support local community projects – once a new parish council has been sworn in following mass resignations earlier this month.

It is not yet known exactly when the relief road would be completed by as a spokesperson for Trafford Council said the authority was not in a position to comment at this time.

The final decision on planning permission for the 320 homes will be made by Trafford Council’s planning committee in a meeting on March 12 2020, following public consultation on the plans earlier in the year.