The Incident Pit by Chris Leicester comes to Waterside Arts on Saturday, 9th November at 8 pm. Presented by Too Write Productions, it has an unusual theme.

The deepest part of a flooded old quarry has never been reached, and so the obsession to conquer it is fathomless. Divers vie with one another to be the first there.

When the authorities threaten to close the place as a dive site for good, the rivalry is intensified, The chance to conquer the pit could be gone forever.

Following the death of its latest victim. views are polarised in the club.

Fiona plans to give up diving altogether. However, Martin is more determined than ever to be the conqueror. Since everyone refuses to go with him he breaks the hallowed diving rule; never dive alone.

Fiona and Martin argue furiously about what counts as bravery and what as recklessness. When does ambition turn into suicide? But undeterred, Martin carries on.

He argues; “What’s the point of living if we don’t take risks?”.

The play will star Carl Wharton as Martin and Miranda Benjamin as Fiona.

* For tickets, priced £12/£10 telephone 0161 912 5616 or see