There have been many Spooky Walks for Halloween across the borough recently and Val and I went along to support our home town of Urmston as Impact Tuition in association with Urmston Partnership hosted their annual Spooky Walk in the Park for 2019 in Golden Hill Park.

So much work goes into these events and it was fantastic to see the community out in force to support it. All generations of families strolled the park to see scary sights like the mock up graveyard, giant spiders hanging from trees, ghosts and ghouls, a guillotine and many more terrifying attractions. As it got darker the perfectly positioned lighting gave an even more eerie effect. It was all brilliantly put together.

K & K Dance Academy, which is run by Karen Green and Karan Sanders, made several performances throughout the evening and were absolutely fantastic! The girls, as you can see in this weeks photograph, were all made up to look like zombies and Val and I really enjoyed their outstanding dance rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

We chatted to the girls after their first performance and I must say what lovely polite young ladies they all were, a real credit to their dance academy.

I also spoke to organiser John Kelly. Now, if you've ever attended an Urmston Partnership event you can pretty much guarantee that John has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help make it happen. From setting up, running the event to packing down again at the end, John does it all. He is also very modest and when asked about all he does in the community and especially for this particular Spooky Walk in the Park he said.

"Well we have help from businesses in the community. Carol from Sweetie Trees, Bob from Thomas Carter Opticians, Claire from The Steamhouse, David and Colin from Trafford Events, Dion from Eden Square, K&K Dance Academy, TDX Beauty, Phillip for providing the pirates ship, resident Gemma from Gems Delicious Treats. Also our friends and half my family from Impact Tuition. Everyone gives their time for free and the sweets were all paid for by Impact Tuition and Sweetie Trees".

It was a lovely community, family event that gets better and better each year. Thank you John for inviting us along