The Winston Runners of Wythenshawe will be lapping up the limelight as film stars shortly – when a movie they starred in is aired in London.

Members of the running club recorded a film for the charity Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) on the impact of antibiotic resistant infections, which are set to kill 10 million people by 2050.

The movie will be shown to politicians, medics, pharmaceutical companies and leading academics, to start a concerted drive to develop new drugs to beat the superbugs.

The short flick features two runners – Jana Julinkova playing the charity while Ron Carter plays the mendacious superbug – as they compete for victory of the human race.

Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive of ANTRUK, said: “The idea was to show that we are in a race against time to come up with a solution to antibiotic resistance.

“This potential nightmare has been caused by us misusing and overusing antibiotics and not developing new ones to keep up with the pace of bacteria in our bodies. Antibiotic residue is even found in our food and water and if we want to solve the problem we need to move – fast.”

Both ANTRUK’s fundraising and media functions are based in South Manchester, and it has collected over £1 million in donations. These have not only been ploughed into small research projects to combat antibiotic resistance but also to support families and patients living with deadly superbugs such as MRSA.

Peter Gibson, director and writer of the film said: “As with any small charity ANTRUK was reliant on good will to make a movie like this, which they hope will persuade and influence.

“The Winston Runners were simply fabulous. We have worked with many people in the past but few showed the warmth, good will and enthusiasm of the Winston Runners who were winners, every one!”

The film, called ‘Out Running The Superbugs’ will be premiered at the ANTRUK Annual Lecture and Mini Symposium at the Royal College of Pathologists on Thursday.