NEWS that supermarket giants Sainsbury's will stop selling fireworks has sparked a massive debate.

The supermarket announced it will carry no fireworks in any of its 2,300 branches this year after a review.

The decision, they said, is based on a 'range of factors' and it got people talking up and down the country.

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After we covered the move, more than 50 people commented on the story, making it one of the most popular stories of the day.

Here are some of the (unedited) comments you made about the story online...

Wonderful news. Trouble is yobs can buy fireworks in dozens of other locations. It is time for a total ban on firework sales to the general public and only have organised events where fireworks are used.

huckit P

Why should other miss out on there fun with there family and friends just because of IDIOTS (THE IDIOTS WALK THE STEETS every day,) next you lot will be saying ban Easter there's to many people having chocolate, ban Xmas there's to many people having PREZZIE BAN Xmas lights wasting to much electricity.

Mrs Hope

Fireworks debris go high up in the air and can land on your neighbours' solar panel, cause a neighbours' tree to set alight and upset neighbouring wildlife. They are an incendiary device that you cannot fully control.


Well done Sainsbury's seriously aboutTime hopefully Other supermarkets and shops do the same fire works should be sold for organised displays only not to mindless idiots have very scared dog.

Arnold thomas

Good call, about time someone took the plunge.

Won't be long now for others to follow, a big WELL DONE to Sainsburys.

Just an observer

Another case of bowing to minority pressure groups.


Delighted to hear it, on behalf of my terrified cats. I hope the other supermarkets soon follow suit. At least the big displays are predictable, and I can keep the animals indoors and have the curtains shut and the TV up loud, and that does drown out a lot of the lower level noise. It's the random big bangs which are in people's gardens very close by that cause most of the problems as they are totally random. So well done to Sainsbury's for making the first move.


Bravo sainsburys! I love a firework display, no fun police here, but a properly organised safe event is so much better than any tom, dick or indeed henrietta, setting them off around the streets scaring everyone half to death. Also think they should not be available for sale at all to the public. Licenced events only.


Snowflakes win again.

Pat Pending

If any of you really believe this is all to protect your poor little pets, you're sadly mistaken. This is really because it costs Sainsbury's a lot of money in insurance to stock fireworks for a relatively short period of time. This is massive publicity stunt and should be taken as such. Sainsbury's don't really care about your pets - they just care about the positive publicity and saving money on insurance premiums! Personally, I think that people moaning because their cats and dogs don't like the noise, should realise that this is part and parcel of owning a pet - your responsibility, not others.