Singing has given me so much in life. It has allowed me to perform at some amazing venues and for some wonderful people.

Singing for charities has given me great self satisfaction and some lovely rewards such as afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace with the Queen. I'm very grateful to music for giving me these fantastic opportunities.

The thing I love most about music is that whatever you are feeling, whichever emotion you're going through, there is a song or piece of music to accompany it.

There's a saying that music can either make you remember everything or make you forget everything. Music is power. It has given me so much in my life. Music is life!

However, as I've said before, I'm only the front man, the one who gets all the recognition, but there are many people behind the scenes that do so much with little or no recognition.

So this week I would like to give a big shout out and a huge thank you to all those people who get everything organised and make my job on stage so easy.

For my own events that person is my Val who does it all, but for all the other events I perform at there are full teams of event organisers who work tirelessly to make sure that when the time comes for me to step out on the stage all I have to do is relax and sing.

Thank you to all those people who put on charity events. Not one penny would be raised without your efforts and determination to see things through.

I'm a huge believer in giving credit where it's due and the unsung heros of event organising deserve every credit.

Of course this all means nothing without the community turning up, buying tickets and supporting these events.

So thank you to you who attend and who put your hands in your pockets or purses to throw your weight behind each event.

Music brings us all together and can do so much good in the world and that's why I love it.

To finish this week I would also like to thank the Messenger readers for getting behind my community website All About Trafford.

The site launched at the start of May and has had, at time of writing this column, 112,703 visitors with my weekly video, every Monday at 6pm, recieving over 10,000 views last week!

I am absolutely thrilled that the community are using my website to find out what events are happening in Trafford and what clubs and groups we have throughout the borough.

Thank you so much for all your support and I hope you will continue to use my website, after you've read your Messenger of course, to find out what's on in Trafford and keep my site right at the heart of Trafford.

If you've not visited it yet please do so.

See you next week!