A BIRTHDAY celebration turned to violence when glass was smashed into a pub-goer’s face just millimetres from his eye.

Jordan Whittaker was at the Moss Trooper pub in Timperley with friends on March 24 last year when he attacked former pal Jack Allen, leaving him with two gashes to the side of his face which needed 20 stitches.

At Bolton Crown Court he appeared for sentencing after admitting causing grievous bodily harm.

Duncan Wilcock, prosecuting, told how Whittaker, of Downham Chase, Timperley, had been enjoying the evening out at the pub to celebrate his 23rd birthday the following day.

Also at the pub was Mr Allen, a former friend who had not been invited to join the celebrations.

Later in the evening 22-year-old Mr Allen approached Whittaker’s table and became involved in an argument.

Robert Lancaster, defending said: “It might have been umbrage that he wasn’t invited out with the other friends, because they all knew each other. For whatever reason, at the end of the night, it was Mr Allen who approached the table of friends."

“He slammed his hands down on the table to announce himself”

Mr Allen got into an argument with one of the friends, Ryan Brown before he turned his attention to Whittaker, telling him “I’m going to f*** you. I’m going to f*** your bird.”

“I submit that Jack Allen, deliberately and intentionally, at that time, was setting out to wind up that situation and provoke that situation to get the worst possible response,” said Mr Lancaster.

Whittaker then later sought Allen out, picked up a glass or bottle and punched Mr Allen six or seven times, with the glass shattering in his face.

In a statement read out in court Mr Allen said: “I am not deeply affected by this incident.

“I am embarrassed that I was assaulted by an associate in front of my friends. I wonder what would have happened if the wound has been a couple of centimetres to the side, that it would have hit my eye.

“I really don’t understand why this has happened as there was no reason for Jordan to hit me in the face with a glass.”

Mr Lancaster described the attack as “30 seconds of madness” and stressed that that Whittaker, who has no previous convictions, is regarded as decent, hard-working young man who is remorseful.

Judge Graeme Smith told Whittaker that had Allen not approached his table, then the violence would not have occurred.

“I have no doubt that much of what happened that night was affected by alcohol to a greater or lesser extent,” Judge Smith told Whittaker, adding that there had been “a high degree of provocation”.

“I agree that Mr Allen’s actions were unwise, perhaps stupid even, but you accept that your reaction was completely over the top,” he said.

Whittaker was sentenced to 16 months in prison, suspended for a year. He was also ordered to undertake 240 hours of unpaid work, participate in 15 days of rehabilitation activities and pay Mr Allen £1,000 in compensation.