As you will know by now I am a huge supporter of my home town, Urmston.

I love to get behind new ventures that help our town grow and develop, such as the new Market 41 that I have told you about a few times over the past year.

I thought I'd arrange to meet up with Paul Danks and Kay Johnson from the McGoff Group, the people behind Market 41, to hear about their plan to bring this new venture to Urmston. Here's what they had to say.

"Over the course of the last nine months, since planning consent for Market 41 was granted in December 2018, the McGoff Group has been busy behind the scenes, investing heavily in the project. We have legally acquired the land, finalised the design of Market 41 and started speaking to interior designers regarding the look and feel of the food hall.

"We have also commenced a pre-construction programme, which includes the clearing of the site, working with quantity surveyors to review the materials required for build and liaising with suppliers so that a budget for the cost of the building itself can be calculated, and collating additional costs, ie: business rates.

"We have also established a sizable Market 41 team, with several specialist companies assigned to assist with the delivery of the project. We are working with Salford-based Street Design Partnership on the architecture and design, No Chintz on the interior design, renowned Northern food commentator Thom Hetherington and Timperley-based Philosophy PR.

"McGoff Construction has been appointed for the build, which includes planners, estimators, design managers, health and safety consultants plus support services, and at the Altrincham Head Office, a team of five directors and managers will play an integral role in this project.

"We're absolutely committed to delivering Market 41 and the operating and financial model is now in an advanced position.

"With Market 41 being a truly bespoke new build food market hall, the first of its kind in the UK, we have naturally faced some challenges with regards to operation and management.

"We have taken our time to come up with some innovative solutions that will ensure Market 41 is a success from day one, both for the company and the traders involved.

"The next step is to secure circa £3m funding for the build. We will be talking to our funding partners in the coming months, and may even launch a crowd-funding campaign if required. Once the necessary funding is in place, we will start on site.

"In terms of traders, interest from potential operators has been overwhelmingly positive with hundreds of applications received.

"We regularly meet with traders to feed into the project and keep them updated on its progress. We have also started to compile a really strong shortlist of traders, which we believe to be the right mix for Urmston, and will continue to review this."

"Moving forward, we will soon be entering into advanced discussions with all of the potential operators.

"The next few months will be equally as busy as we engage with funding partners and potential operators, and I anticipate we will make some headway with the project and will be in a position to regularly update on its progress.

"We are and will continue to be a member of the Urmston Partnership, working closely with the organisation for the benefit of the local community, including businesses, residents and groups.

"We're excited about Market 41 and believe anticipation is really starting to mount, not only in Urmston but across the North West, which is just fantastic and a great platform for us to build upon.

"We believe that food markets are the way forward, presenting exciting opportunities for operators and local job creation, but also in bringing communities together."