A COUPLE caught having sex in the toilets of an inter-city train as it left Warrington were at it again as they arrived at Euston.

Blackburn magistrates heard on both occasions the couple asked for time to get dressed.

And Christopher Leigh told the train manager there were no signs to say they couldn't make love in the loo.

Leigh, 46, a Blackburn man of no fixed address, was convicted in his absence of engaging in sexual intercourse in a public place.

He was jailed for six weeks.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the train manager on a Virgin West Coast mainline service was alerted because of concerns over a man and a women being in the toilets for a long time.

"He asked for the door to be opened and a female said she was not feeling well," said Miss Allan.

"When the door was eventually opened he could see she was wearing a bra and nothing else and the defendant said he needed time before he could come out."

Miss Allan said Leigh and the female moved to a different carriage and when the train pulled in to Euston Station they were in a different toilet.

"They were told to get out but said they needed to get dressed first," said Miss Allan.

"He said they had been making love and there were no signs in the toilets to say they couldn't."

Ian Huggan, defending, said the female involved in the incident had been arrested, admitted the offence and dealt with by way of an out of court disposal. His client had wanted to contest the charge but missed his trial date and would have to accept the consequences.