A POLICE officer saved a man's life after his pet dogs led her to him.

PC Debra Ryan of Greater Manchester Police was driving along the Carrington Spur Road, last Thursday (September 5) when she spotted two loose dogs.

After pulling over and catching the dogs, they led PC to their owner, who was in cardiac arrest.

PC Ryan performed mouth-to-mouth CPR and radioed in for an ambulance. A Armed Response Vehicle was within close-vicinity of the incident and had received the call for support and arrived at the scene to offer advanced support as they were in possession of a defibrillator.

Between the officers, CPR was continued until the ambulance arrived and the man was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital.

During this time officers on-scene identified the man and contacted his next of kin, who was driven to the hospital in a police car. Another officer drove the man’s car and his dogs back to his home address.

The man is now in a stable condition.

Inspector Steve Bryant said: “This incident highlights the amazing work GMP officers do on a day-to-day basis. Without their initiative this man may not be alive today and I’m extremely proud of the commitment they all give to help the community of Greater Manchester.

“PC Ryan was on her own until further support arrived and she took all the right and necessary actions to ensure the man got the treatment he needed until extra help arrived. The forward-thinking actions of all the officers involved ultimately saved this man’s life.”