Peter Booth is quite right in suggesting that money should be spent on refurbishment of Stamford Park School, rather than wasting huge sums of money on demolition and rebuilding.

Why the necessity to provide 40 car spaces? The school is for educating children,not providing facilities for cars.

When Stamford New Road was redone,there was a colossal waste of money, as much of the work had to be redone.

Money was wasted laying cobblestones in the precinct, when paying stones would have been cheaper, and been laid in a fraction of the time.

We have also had the "White Elephant" on Greenwood Street.

Why build a medical centre (which no one wanted) when there was a new hospital less than 100 metres away? The mind boggles!

There is now the prospect of future total chaos around Hale Road,if the project for a "new"Stamford Park goes ahead.

There is also the prospect,that,whatever the projected cost estimate is, that by the time it is finished,no doubt at least six months late,it will have cost at least 50 per cent more than the original estimate. If this projected rebuilding of Stamford Park goes ahead, people should rush to the local betting shop, to invest money in betting against it finishing on time and in budget.

The main problem, of course, is that it appears builders spend more time either on their mobile phones, or in local cafes,than working.

David Olliver